Are Mysteries the New Paranormal? And What About That Steampunk?


So, it seems to me that there are a lot of mysteries with romantic elements popping up all over the book shelves. Or at least, mysteries written by romance authors. Most notably, Annette Blair has the Vintage Mystery series that just started coming out.

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon? Are romantic mysteries the next big thing? Did they evolve out of romantic suspense, or is something else up? Did I blink and miss an important market trend?

On a different note, will steampunk romance sell to a mainstream audience? I know I'm looking forward to more of it, but at the same time, my mind revolts. Mainstream steampunk just seems so...unpunk rock.


Sir John said...

i write romantic thrillers. I think that mystery and thrillers are becoming much more in demand. this is based on conversation with many editors and agents last week at sleuthfest

Johnny ( Sir John) Ray

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